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Request POPS Interns

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Professional Opportunities Program for Students Summer Internship

The Professional Opportunities Program for Students, Inc. (POPS) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) community-based organization whose mission is to provide personal and professional development for teenagers who face social and economic barriers that impact the quality of their lives. The goal of the POPS program is to prepare the students for future success by assisting them in the completion of high school and motivating them to pursue advanced education and gainful employment.

In addition to providing the students educational counseling and developmental skills training, POPS provides the students with stipends for their summer internships.

Employer Partners provide a work site placement and mentor relationship for one or more POPS student interns and play an integral role in the overall development of the students and success of the POPS program. With your support, the students will have an opportunity to see first-hand how the knowledge and skills they learn in school and in POPS-sponsored workshops are applied in a “real world” workplace situation. The Employer Partner is requested to provide a work site placement and mentor relationship for eight (8) weeks during the summer months.

The Employer Partner’s company/organization:

  • will accept information regarding potential POPS student interns, evaluate their suitability, and use its best efforts to select one or more POPS students for placement in a summer internship at the Employer Partner’s work site;
  • will complete all required POPS paperwork in a timely manner and provide POPS with a description of the student intern’s position or work responsibilities in order to make POPS’ intern review, selection and placement process most effective;
  • will provide the POPS student with a thorough orientation to the placement site, as well as meaningful training applicable to the position or work responsibilities;
  • will provide a well-supervised learning experience that supports the educational and career goals of the student;
  • will provide a safe learning and work environment to enhance the professional growth of the POPS student intern.